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Hipire Inc
Shanghai Jiahe Metal Products co., Ltd.
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Cabinet pull, Brass Figured cabinet pull
Cabinet pull

Brass Figured Cabinet pull 

This  Brass Cabinet pulls features more than 12 kinds of finishes, is designed to fit almost any cabinet based on an updated style.

Welcome to your OEM business on brass Cabinet pull with your own demensions and design.

Material: Premium Solid brass
Parts: Packed with wood screws
Manufacture: forging, CNC machined, surface finishing, package
Description: Brass Cabinet pull, Cabinet pull
Installation type: Cabinet mount or drawer mount
Available Finishes: 505, Lifetime bright brass
  605, Bright Brass, Clear Coated
  605 NL, Buffed brass unfinished
  606, Satin brass clear coated
  609, Satin brass, Blackened, Satin relieved, Clear coated
  613, Dark oxidized satin bronze, oil rubbed
  618, Polished nickel, clear coated
  619, Satin nickel, clear coated
  620, Satin nickel black, clear coated
  625, Bright chrome
  626, Satin chrome plated
  716, Aged bronze

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